According to Bazooka bio

"Whether raiding multiple eras and musical traditions, or pushing standard love song fare off-kilter with clever narrative twists, A2B still manage to be undemanding and buoyant performers, ready to lively up any venue with their detailed (sometimes devilish) brand of bohemian pop know-how." -- Andrew Russell, Submerge Magazine 

“…a truly authentic piece of Americana music. Meaning: Americana in its truest sense of the word: a sonic melting-pot of a multitude of influences. -- The Ark of Music

A little bit jazzy, a little bit bluesy, A2B's Americana/retro pop sound recently gained the band two 2019 Sacramento Music Award SAMMIES nominations as well as a 2018 nomination. 

Sometimes loosely described as folk due to their instrumentation, the genre hardly begins to describe this Northern California band's distinctive sound. Their musical world evokes a nostalgic response as it draws from jazz, folk, blues, country, zydeco and beyond. A2B's lively songs invite listeners on a playful journey of relatable tales and everyday humanity. Their signature feel-good-happy-sad songs are just what you need! 

"the members of A2B have an uncommon ability to paint plenty of light into a dark scene, willing the emotional landscape to change through song alone, turning tragedy into light-hearted reflection. It’s really something. " -- The Ark of Music 

According to Bazooka features Richard Urbino (guitar, vocals), René Martucci (accordion, vocals), Jamie Knapp (upright bass, vocals) Don Johnston (drums, percussion). 

Their 2019 album, "The Devil's in the Details," marks According to Bazooka's third independent release. It was produced by Sacramento Pop talent David Houston and recorded at Moon Studio, as was A2B's 2017 record "Where We Are Now." A2B's 2015 album debut "Easy Come, Easy Go," was recorded in Dixon, Calif., at Foxtail Sound. A2B's music is available on Spotify, iTunes, CDbaby, and Bandcamp. 

According to Bazooka left to Right:Don Johnston,Jamie Knapp, René Martucci,Richard Urbino. (photo by SN&R)

According to Bazooka left to Right:Don Johnston,Jamie Knapp, René Martucci,Richard Urbino. (photo by SN&R)